Are You an Idea Person?

Have an app idea but no idea how to create it? Tapptics can help.

  • post your project on the Job Board
  • get insider secrets on how apps make money
  • save money using Tapptics design resources
  • save time having all resources in one place
Are you a Designer?

Are you looking to jump into the awesomely exciting field of app design?

  • design specs for all platforms, icons etc
  • training on UI/UX design for mobile
  • training on how to customize the design files
  • tutorials on tons of cool design techniques
Are you a Developer?

What good are awesome graphics without the training on how to code them?

  • tutorials on how to code your app graphics
  • Pixelmator and .PSD-ready design files
  • training on customizing design files
  • hand-crafted mobile-centric design files

Tapptics provides pixel perfect design templates to make mocking up your iPad app a snap. Need a portrait layout and a landscape layout? No problem, we’ve got you covered.


Not sure where to get started with mocking up your iPhone app? Tapptics is here to help. Watch this quick introductory video on how to get started with our set of iPhone templates.


Finding information on how to design Android apps is like digging for gold, isn’t it? Not here at Tapptics, I’ve done a ton of research to bring all of the proper specifications, screen sizes and everything else you’ll need to get started creating your Android app quickly and easily.

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